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They offer the numerous customers not only a very large selection of games, but also score in other areas - for example in the area of ​​flexibility. Safety is, of course, the top priority, because fraud and rip-off can not be given here. A casino that meets the conditions is spinit . Here the Casinofreund finds everything your heart desires. In addition, thanks to valid licenses for security is ensured. However, the following test will not only take a closer look at the areas of offers and security, but will also "pre-press" other areas that are important in evaluating a casino.

The experiences with Spinit lead to the conclusion that this is a very high quality supplier. There are several points, so that Spinit can play in the concert of the big ones. There would be for example the rich offer, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. There are both a number of modern slots as well as classics. Of course, there are also many classics from the area of ​​card and table games. The lovers of these games can also be happy about the fact that there are several variants of the mentioned games. Security also plays a role. Spinit can build on a valid lucky license from Malta as well as one from Curacao, so the customer is in good hands here. However, these are not the only points with which the supplier is convinced. This includes, for example, things like the service or a mobile offer. The latter is available with Spinit, the service is also in the upper area to settle. The bonus is attractive, and most of the users will also be satisfied.

If you ask the question at a casino whether there is fraud here or whether the customer can play seriously, this is not a fundamental mistrust of the casino itself. Rather, it is because the Casinobranche likes to be a tendency to rogue. The reasons for this lie not least in the past, when the gambling scene did not always enjoy the very best reputation. But with Spinit, the customers need not worry. The casino is properly certified - with a lucky license from Malta and one from Curacao. However, these are not the only features that show the customer that he is dealing with a clean provider. Spinit's makers, for example, also use the factor of "Responsible Gambling". This is not always self-evident, however, that the provider is concerned about the fact that his customers play well.

If it were a dubious provider, he would not really have to worry about it. But other points also point to seriousness. For example, the payment methods the provider has in his portfolio. Among them are several big names of the industry, which certainly do not want to be called in one breath with a dubious casino. They could not allow themselves for image reasons. Similarly it is stored with the manufacturers of the games. Here are also very big names among the "protagonists", who would have to face a similar imagery when they appear in the context of a dubious casino. In general, the customers can be relaxed, because nowadays rogue casinos are only rarely or not at all. Deceptive measures would simply be much too fast. The casino would then probably not be too long on the market. The offer is one of the business cards that an online casino provides. The main point here is that customers find a certain variety. This is the case with spinit because there is a good mix of online slots, table and card games as well as one or the other exotics. Also a live casino is fortunately with it.

They are also an integral part of the Casinobranche the card and table games. Without them the offer of a casino would not be complete. The absolute classics of the Casinobranche include, of course, blackjack, roulette and poker. Here, the players can not only build on a variant - there are enough games from the mentioned areas, so that for sure there is something for every player. But also video poker or baccarat are among the games that the customer can access here. Here, every classic is not only represented once.

If you ever need a break from the classic Casinospielen, you can also look more closely in the category "Other Games". Here you can find some of the so-called arcade games as well as scratch cards, keno or some variants of bingo. The customer can not only look forward to a lot of fun, but also a lot of profits - with a little luck, of course. A live casino is always a highlight in the context of an online casino. Because the customer has the opportunity to play with real dealers and croupiers. There is, of course, a completely different feeling of playing than is the case with conventional, computer-controlled games. Thus, with the live offer of Spinit you can experience the perfect mix of real casino and the digital world. Among the live games you can enjoy here are blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat. These games also provide the customer with a very special sense of security, since he can follow every single handle of dealers and dealers. Although the computer-controlled games are absolutely safe, the psychological aspect also plays an important role here.

The bonus - like the games - now belongs to an online casino. Customers can either benefit from additional money for playing or free spins for selected machines. Each vendor handles his bonus differently and he is not always suitable for every type of player. Our experience shows that this provider is based on a mixture of money bonuses and frees. Here, however, is not only, as with many other providers usual, only the first deposit, but the first four deposits. For the first deposit, there is 100% extra on the deposit amount (maximum of 200 Euro bonus money). There are also a good 200 examples. These are paid out in the daily packages of 20 games from the day of the first deposit. The free spins for the Starburst slot are valid. For the second deposit, there is 50%, with the maximum bonus amount here is 200 euros. The third and fourth deposits are awarded with 25 percent and a maximum of 300 Euro bonus money.