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The casino game banks usually take over themselves, training as a croupier to build their own croupiers. That is, the casinos form their offspring in teaching centers directly integrated into the casino game bank. There are, however, also special croupier schools, which offer private training to the casino game experts, most of them are in casino, but also in the Lindau or in Marseille on the south coast of gambling. Anyone who can prove a flawless certificate of good faith and debt-freeness, as well as being of age, must be able to become a croupier. Many are trying to find the banks and most of them are already failing on this first step.

If you passed the first exam, you will be followed by a course lasting several weeks, but usually more than one month, which will not be met by the majority of the remaining participants. In addition to the endless stacking of chips and hours of mapmaking, the traders have to learn a lot of combinations of numbers and learn how to calculate winning results. Alone 180 advertisements in roulette have to be self-evident and the arrangement of numbers in the boiler - forward and backward - belongs to the basic knowledge. Not only that: a submission to the casino game machine technology is usually included in the program.

In addition, there are of course still seminars for dealing with guests. Especially important is the subject of casino game play. A croupier should carefully monitor his players and identify and report symptoms of casino game play. This is the big wire rope act in guests' assessment: How do you know if a player is putting his last shirt or the set one thousand euros in the casino game is a trifle for him? And one must not spoil the business. Anyone who does not end up with the cramming and stacking of chips, or even in the final test, has had bad luck like the player at the table: there is no money for the training period. In the past, it was necessary to work out in a classical way.

They usually started out as a page or wardrobe folder and eventually landed at the table. After many years of successful work, he became the head of the hall or managing director. Today, a career in the casino is also on a firm footing, but by far more flexible than in the good old days. Even so, you still need a five-year experience in many casinos today, for example, to fill in the position of the table commander. The Croupière - women in the casino. It is not so long ago, in fact,only a few years, that women were at most to be found at the roulette tables. The job of the croupier was a pure men's domain. The picture has changed, as in many professions, in recent years. Female gamblers have now become established and often make up around a quarter of the game casino technicians. For example, in the casino Hohensyburg 170 Croupiers, around 25% of them are women. In many casinos, the women's quota of 30%, with the long-term goal, is at least a balanced male and female proportion. Also the guests have become accustomed to female bankers and poker dealers. Some even prefer the female roulette roulette.

The figures prove, in any case, that women are in no way inferior to the men in terms of dexterity and rationality. More professional images in casino game banks in a total of 620 employees are employed in nine gambling centers. Of these 430 are so-called Spieltechniker, that is, Croupiers, automatonaufichten, cashier and Saalchefs. About 180 people are "non-game casino technicians", ie employees who are only indirectly concerned with the casino game. These are, for example, receptionists, waiters, administrative staff or technicians. The work possibilities are therefore wide, but actual jobs are sown quite a few times. The service jobs in a casino are similar to those in a good hotel or restaurant. Reception and reception staff take care of the welcome and orientation of the guests. Their tasks include keeping the wardrobe, parking cars, and providing guests with all-round service.

Just as customer-oriented, the service staff act in front of and behind the bar: they mix cocktails, keep the hall neat and meet the wishes of the guests. Particularly young people with training in hotel and catering are in demand. Security employees are hired either directly or through a personnel company. The usual preconditions, such as impeccable certificate and the industry-specific certificate according to §34a apply here as well. "Surveillance" employees are behind the scenes. In most cases, the employee is trained in security, who also has technical qualifications. They control the casinos in the casino with state-of-the-art monitoring technology and report immediately if there is a suspicion of manipulation.

If the casino has a large area for slot machines, there are also employees, which are only assigned to the automatic casino game. The so-called specialists for automatic services monitor the casino game on the machines, pay more profits or change money, and ensure the faultless function of the entertainment machines. Specifically, some casino game banks offer two-year training. Cashiers should love dealing with cash, so they have to do the entire shift. They change tokens and cash and keep cash on hand. Act one step higher cash desk supervisor - the names vary: you keep track of the transactions of the casino and are responsible for the settlement of monetary transactions.

Many administrative employees of a casino usually do not work directly at the casino. Most of the casino game banks are now managed centrally. In North-Rhine Westphalia the brain of the Spielbanken sits in Duisburg. With around 50 employees, the Westspiel Group manages six gambling banks and two branches there. As in any big company, the administration is as wellPersonnel, financial and legal departments , as well as communications and press offices. If you want an official career and work in a casino, you should work on becoming one of the financial officials in gambling banks who collect the taxes every day. The presence of a financial officer is a duty to be able to open the casino. For a casino's staff, playing in their own casino is usually forbidden. Many croupiers also visit other casinos to take the role of the guest, not only for private pleasure, but also to better understand their daily clientele.