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Mobile Gaming

Take, for example, the classic punching bag, one of the first attempts to present a mechanical game machine. For only 5 cents the gamblers, if one could describe them so, the chance to leave their frustration at this punching bag. If one managed to land a powerful blow where the "strength indicator" stood at a certain point on the scale, one won a prize. Another mania, in which one could win a prize, was the shooting of a 5 cent piece with a "coin gun" into a slot. In today's world it is unlikely that casinos will allow you to shoot with or for money.

The first machine to eject the coins or coins as profit was the 3-roll "Card Bell", developed by the inventor Charles Fey in 1898. Especially in casino these early game machines were very popular. Until the prohibition of such machines in 1909, approximately $ 200,000 of taxes were levied on 3,200 game machines each year. In 1931, the gangster Frank Castello succeeded in collecting $ 25 million with his 25,000 slots in New York. Nowadays the betting machines in the United States, Fruit Machines in Great Britain and simply Pokies in Australia are one-fifth of the profits of the global gambling market.

The charm of these slots is due to their simplicity. In these game machines, you do not need to understand a complex system or rules such as craps. Also mistakes or carelessness as with the other table games are not with the play machines. They will not be ripped off by other, more experienced players such as Blackjack or Poker. They also do not need to communicate with card handlers or croupiers or remember what they hold in their card hand. Spielautomaten are mostly passive: they feed you money (or nowadays with cards), press a button, observe how the rollers turn or place objects on the screen and then you see how much and what you have won. Slots require cash and promise payout rates of 95% or better.

Although this 95% payoff rate does not mean you personally return 95 cents per $ 1 each time; it simply means that the 95% of the bets are paid back to the players during the entire term of the slot machine. So it could happen that you have a lucky streak and win more than you have paid. If you're unlucky, it's the opposite. To make a game interesting is tried to pay the players as an incentive always a bit and "droplet" profits: A slot machine that would pay out $ 95,000 every time $ 100,000 only a few times who would want to play this slot.

When it matters, the gambling machines keep about 5% of their money over a long period of time; and you get a "great" show of glaring lights and a low profit chance offered. Nevertheless, the gamblers continue to play at such money-playing machines. When gambling slots, a person takes on mathematics and mathematics always wins. Successful game machines try to make the player feel like he or she has a chance "to like the feeling of mathematics," explains the technical manager, Chris Satchell, of International Game Technology. ITG, together with Bally Technologies, Aristocrat and Novomatic, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of game machines. Many players prefer the old, mechanical game machines, where the rollers are moved by the actuation of a lever to the slot, which simply pushes a button. One of the reasons why most land-based casinos have the so-called "one-armed bandits" still in stock.

At the casinos that have video slots, there are variants where the reels or the symbols do not appear properly "aligned" on the screen to give the player the "feel" of a mechanical game machine. No matter whether the game machines pay out a lot of small prizes or a few big prizes; the payout rate is generally stipulated by law. And although there are still players who rub their coins for "better luck" before the slot machine, the machines do not like this (No joke!). The chance for a payout on today's machines is higher if a money or game credit card is used. In spite of the fact that these money-laundering machines, on the other hand, pay only a small amount of prize money, this type of gambling is, however, regulated and subject to the laws of the state.

Nowadays you can even play with the mobile phone at the ultramodern slots, anytime, anywhere. Laptops, notebooks and iPads have also contributed to the mobile development of the money-playing machines. If you want to play with a mobile phone at a slot, we would especially recommend the mobile software from All Slots Casino. In today's modern times, mobile phones and other portable devices, such as tablets, can slowly provide all the important features that have so far been the privilege of desktop computers. On our mobile phone today we can check email, view our favorite websites, communicate with our friends, or make money transactions. For people who love gambling excitement but are very busy with different duties and can not find time for their favorite activities, we have a good message! Today, thanks to your mobile phone or tablet, you can play in your favorite online casino.

All you need is an internet connection and you can fully immerse yourself in the world of mobile casino games! There are three different ways to run an online casino on your mobile phone and play mobile gaming machines . The first option is to download a standalone application to your mobile phone or other portable device that is then installed and you are just logging into your account and playing comfortably your favorite casino game. No matter whether you own an iPhone or an Android or Windows Phone 7 device , there are a large number of fully compatible applications for mobile online casinos on each of these operating systems. Many consider this option to be the best because such an application is best able to use the performance of your mobile device and provide you with great graphics as well as sound effects and also give you the widest choice of your favorite casino games.