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Free Spins

This bonus feature is generally triggered by the appearance of three or more "scatter" symbols on the reels. In most cases, this structure or the format for free spins is firmly defined, and these are triggered automatically, without the interaction of the player, when the aforementioned prerequisites are met. Some online gambling software developers offer players a choice of free spins. This option allows the player to choose between a combination of multipliers and the number of free spins. A recently released online slot, Mile High from free spin, has this option. The first option is for the player to choose a 2-fold multiplier for 12-free spins, the other two are 8-free spins and a 3-fold multiplier, and the third option offers 5-free spins with a 4-fold Multiplier.

Now, however, the question arises as to which of the listed options the player should choose. In general one should be aware that one can not predict the possible profit or the payout in any of the options. The only way to create a kind of statistics would be to trigger 10,000 spins with all the available options, and to keep an accurate account of the gains made - an impossibility. It is very likely that all options will allow more or less an equal payout. Any new winnings or withdrawals that occur as a result of the Repins will be credited to the player. New numbers appear under the Respin button after each new spin. The player must activate the button once to make one or more reels rotate again. The process itself can be repeated any time. For each Respin, the respective cost of the player's game buddy is deducted and the payouts are based on the current betting or bet amount. For the Respin, the initial use is of course not recalculated.

However, a simple calculation can help to eliminate bad options. However, certain conditions or conditions must be assumed for this calculation. Each of the options must be played with identical reels. This means that the number of each wallet type or symbol on the roller, regardless of which option was selected, would be identical. This is followed by the expected payout for each spin of the respective options. Assume that the expected payout per spin is defined as P. In the first option we get 12-free spins and a 2-fold multiplier and the expected total payout would be (12 x 2 x P) or (24 x P). The second option provides 8-free spins and a 3-fold multiplier; the expected total payment would be (8 x 3 x P) or (24 x P). The third option offers 5-free spins and a 4-fold multiplier.

The expected total payment would be (5 x 4 x P) or (20 x P). Under these conditions, the third option would provide the lowest total expected payout as far as the theory is concerned. Of course all expected payouts are solely dependent on chance. However, for reasons of fairness, it must be noted that these options have been simplified in order to be able to display the cost estimate. The current calculations are a bit different. The payouts would not occur every time as in the examples; but only with the help of a "wild" symbol.

The best slot machines are available at the following casinos, under the given conditions and our assumption, however, this would not affect the calculation. However, the second adjustment is more relevant. There are only two "wild" symbols in the online slot Mile High, and if both would occur, the calculated multiplication values ??would be 4, 9 and 16 respectively. However, this can not be calculated exactly because we do not know the probability of the "wild" symbols. No matter what would happen in this case; the third option in this case, compared to the first two options, is theoretically the better choice.

One of the main drawbacks of online slots, which are always highlighted by players, is the lack of interactivity, which is present at Blackjack or even video poker games. In online slots, the player decides what he wants to use, the rest is the machine. This is quite true for most online slots. While some slots offer an integrated gamble, you have the option to put your win once again on a card; but that's it. This has however changed before short. Earlier this month, Microgaming has released two new game machines, Reel Gems and Retro Reels , which offer an innovative Respin feature that provides more interactivity. The Respin feature is the answer to the dreams for online slot gamers. How often has it happened that one has identical symbols on the first three and the fifth roller on an active winning line, but a different symbol on the fourth roller. And there was nothing the player could do, except with a sigh a rhetorical question - "If only the symbol on the fourth roller would be like the others. Now the player can do something about it. He or she can, for example, rotate the fourth roller again, in the hope that the same symbol appears as on the other four rollers. The slogan for the new Re spin feature is for this reason "Sometimes a further spin decides on a win". The online slots with the new Re spin feature also differ a bit from the conventional slots. Under each roller is a "Re spin" button. The Re spin feature works as follows. The player sets his betting options and, as usual, activates the first spin. After the rollers have ceased to rotate, if so, a winning prize combination is paid out according to the payout table.

At the same time, a number is displayed under each Re spin button. This number indicates the "cost" for an independent spin of this roller. The costs depend on the payout potential of this roller. If the payout potential at a Re spin should be higher, a Re spin will cost more. Suppose the number under the Re spin button of the fourth roller is 9.41. That is, which costs a re spin of this roller 9.41 loans. If the player chooses Re spin, he or she should simply press the corresponding Re spin button. The 9.41 credits will of course be deducted and only the fourth roller will start to turn again in this case. If the player does not want to perform a Re spin, he or she should simply press the spin button. The total bet per spin is then subtracted from its game bud, as usual, and the five reels begin to spin. If the player changes betting or betting, he can not perform any re spins. If you want to change some of the betting options or parameters, the following message appears: "Changing bets means losing the re spins. Are you sure you want to continue? "The player now clicks Yes or No; depending on what he or she wants to do. In the new games mentioned above, the Re spin feature is NOT available in the bonus round.