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The advertising for casino gambling was not maintained and the planned web barrier for online casinos stayed out. However, online casinos were not legalized. In addition, there were also stronger restrictions for playing halls, which so far had only been subject to the Gaming Ordinance of the Federation. Barracks, bans on advertising and serving of food and drinks were now settled under national law. Each state, however, has its own inscription and certain competences, for example with regard to the regulations for playing halls, may vary. Online casino main entrance the state had therefore decided to go a new way of legislation. The law made not only game betting on the Internet possible, but also the strictly forbidden online casinos could now apply for a csaino, an absolute novelty in Gambling.

The legalization of gambling on the Internet did not remain a theoretical prescription. Online gambling was the first and until now the only state to issue casino for private sports betting providers and online casinos. In the rest of Gambling, gambling was forbidden on the Internet. Finally, in July 2012 a change was made to the state treaty, which was accepted by all the federal states except casino and remains valid until today. The changes to the treaty saw a certain loosening in online gambling. The state casino play on the Internet was legalized and also concessions for sports betting in the virtual space were provided. However, the number of casino should be limited to 20. The definition of exactly 20 casino possibilities was strongly criticized. This number was arbitrary and incomprehensible, especially for sports betting providers.

To date, 23 casino have been awarded to online casinos, such as Online Casino Poker Stars. For example, online poker became legal for the first time on Game soil. However, in the strict sense "only" for the citizens of casinos. On 1 February 2013, gambling casino pioneering position game to an abrupt end: "With the exception of sections 20 (7) and 23 (7), sentences 4 and 5, the casino shall continue to apply where authorizations have already been granted. Otherwise, the gambling law is abolished. " It is said in the resolved amendment of the previously unique law. With the new government in game under casino also a turn of the gambling policy has been initiated. After the elections in May 2012, an accession to the state contract was already decided in July.

In February 2013 the gambling law in casino was abolished. Thus the state contract now applies in all 16 Länder. Although the Federal Court of Justice has decided that game action was admissible, the litigation continues, at the level of the gambling. What has to happen with the existing casno has not been conclusively clarified so far. The ambivalent approach of the legislature in terms of online casino can be seen as a symbol of the perplexity of Gambling politics in the legal situation of the Internet.

Lotteries the popular Lotto and Toto game has undergone some changes in recent years. The main focus was still on the online casino. This was incorporated into the State Treaty in 2012 and is, as far as it is Gambling authorities, legal. The state lotteries have responded immediately and have also offered their services on the Internet since their service. The on-line service has the same conditions as the appearance that is given in the kiosk. Added to this are a large number of private providers who promise low fees and work on commission. State portals are for example casino. They are, so to speak, partners on a commission basis and thus private lottery agents. It is somewhat more difficult for companies like casino or game.

These companies have their from casinos, so they are not recognized in Gambling. Although you do not commit a crime in the game on these sides, the assistance of a Gambling court can not be expected in case of doubt. Casino has already been in game several years ago. The taxes on profits and revenues of the company have since been lost to the Gambling. Absolutely avoid one should vendors who imitate the casino. Foreign players are gunning the players for the known lottery, but they have nothing to do with the state institution. Payouts are not guaranteed.

From a legal point of view, you are fully secured with the on-line game of lotteries, as long as you take care that the provider has a gambling. Betting the legal situation of sports betting has also changed in recent years. Only in 2011, the first sports betting companies received casino. These came from the for online casino. Until the re-entry into the state contract 25 were granted for sports betting, including games or bet at casino gambling. online casino offers by casino in all of casino are legally legal, but only with appropriate. The number of sports betting is still limited to 20 total. In reality, this is currently different, as the allocation in casino has already exceeded the total amount of concessions currently in force. As early as 2010, the gambling Justice freed the way for legal private sports betting. According to the court, state vendors were not entitled to the state monopoly in this case, since they operate as commercial and private providers. In 2014, the gambling casino has established itself: a merger of private providers, the goal being that further are awarded. In recent years, no further has been granted. For casino competitors it means the existing are legal and also on the Internet one can put on the right horse at the heart of vendors.