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By the way, we have also negotiated exclusive bonuses with many casinos that are only available to Casino users, sometimes we have online casino bonus codes , which must be indicated when registering or depositing at the casino. You will find detailed information about this in the respective casino reviews. wagering Requirements almost more important than the promotions and promotional offers themselves are the terms of the online casino bonus. After all, what is the best deposit bonus when the winnings are paid 80 or 90 times before a payout can be made? Right, not too much - because until you have managed to implement several hundred or even a thousand euros, you have almost lost everything.

It is self-evident that even the most generous online casinos do not give anything away. Therefore it is also perfectly legitimate that the bonus offers are subject to certain conditions. We ask, however, that these conditions are fair and give the player at least a chance to make a profit. If a bonus offer serves as a pure attractant for new members, which in the end only leads to complications and frustration, this has a negative impact on our rating. Not to mention cases where players can not even pay back their original deposit, because they have not managed to meet the bonus conditions - that's already happening.

Another point is that the conditions must not only be fair, but that they are also clearly explained on the website of the casino. And in such a way, the players do not have to look for a long time until they find the small print. If the casino offers a version, the small print should also be in a professionally casinos and not only in misunderstood speech gibberish with misunderstandings pre-programmed. Navigation and design for the well-being factor in an online casino, of course, the design and the overall design play a role. In a casino, which seems to have come from the last century, was often saved in other aspects.

In addition to the pure appearance, user-friendliness and navigation are also included: Can you find your way quickly, or do you have to search for time until you find your favorite game, the GTCs or the customer service? Especially for online casino newcomers a well structured and clear user interface is crucial. Transparency serious online casinos should have nothing to hide. Nevertheless, only a few details are shared about the company behind. We find this a great shame because transparency creates trust. A casino, which surpasses a lot of itself above average, gets us positive points. It is also important to know where the online casino is licensed and whether all the relevant information is available without having to search for it as a player for a long time.

Mobile version and app nowadays more and more are playing on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and less and less on PCs. This also applies to online casinos. Since the market of mobile versions and apps is relatively young, there are immense differences in the quality of the offers. Many casinos have no mobile version at all and sometimes only a fraction of the games, eg no more than a few slots, are offered in the app. There are really only a handful of casinos that go here with time and invest in high quality mobile versions.

Your Online Casino Review we do not want to serve you just pre-chewed casino reviews. On the contrary, we put great players who want to know your opinions and to offer you an opportunity to share them with other players. This is why you can also upload your own test report to each individual casino, which we inform you about here. If you would like to discuss something in depth, or if you would like to know the opinions of others about a specific topic, we recommend writing a review in our online casino forum. The image of the gambling centers in the cities and health resorts of the world has deeply consolidated in our minds. In the golden age there was nothing that was more sophisticated than losing his money with style at roulette. Accordingly, the profession of the croupier was regarded as the embodiment of a work among the rich and beautiful. A few tokens here, a ball turn and of course horrendous drinking. Make money where others win money. A good croupier never suffered among the most populous, because it would never fail.

Who can be a casino tester? everyone can join and leave an online casino rating. If you have a certain experience in a casino that you would like to share, you can do so at any time. In order to be able to become a casino tester, you only need a user name here on CasinoVerdiener. Here you can register in less than a minute - this is for free. What should be in your reviews? You can write in your casino reviews about all the things that are particularly important to you or what you have noticed when playing in a particular casino. Of course, you can also write your reviews of the criteria described above. Just keep in mind that your reviews should serve to provide other players with decision support.

Can you recommend this or that casino, and if so, are there any restrictions or points that new members should pay particular attention to? What did you like and what made you feel negative? Have problems occurred, eg with the customer service, with the disbursement or technical kind? Do you recommend a certain online casino bonus or are the conditions simply impossible to implement? Please be honest and constructive in your reviews. The test reports are not there to relieve your frustration, because you have lost, for example, but they should clarify the advantages and disadvantages of individual casinos. You can also specify these advantages and disadvantages in the overview, so that readers can enter the most important points at a glance. At the end of your online casino test you can give an overall rating of 0 to 5 stars.