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So versatile the gambling, so versatile the professional images. In a casino far more employees than only the croupiers at the play tables. Visible to the guests are the reception staff, service employees and security guards. Behind the scenes are the financial departments and accountants, technicians, the secretariat and marketing. Casino Game banks are companies with many different areas of work. But a job in the gambling sector can also look quite different. Programmers for online casino software, machine operators, gambling operators. The range of professional fields is broadly diversified. With the change of the gambling casino game also professional images have changed.

The dream of the career from the aid leader to the successful casino game maker in casino has remained. Is a great career in gambling still to be realized? Croupiers still carry impeccably ironed suits at work - however, the guests of the casino now appear in jeans and a T-shirt and are by no means as great. The professional lucky charm - Traumberuf Croupier a croupier organizes the casino game operation and ensures the correct course of roulette, blackjack and co. Just a few decades ago this work was regarded as an absolute traumber. An activity in a glamorous atmosphere, entertaining, never boring and drinking money until the turn. Whoever fulfilled the conditions never seemed to be afraid of his income.

The requirements are anything but simple. Behind the relaxed professionalism is permanent concentration at the highest level and an unceasing multitasking, which should remain invisible to the guests. Tasks of the croupier. At the roulette table, there are usually four croupiers: the throwing team is the most interesting man at the table for the casino players, because he throws the all-important ball, takes the stakes and speaks the famous phrase "Rien ne va plus!" In all its variations , The Saladier and the head croupier are mainly concerned with the collection and arrangement of the tokens, but also for the management of the "Tronc", which is, so to speak, the tip of the staff. There is no table-dresser. He usually sits on an elevated chair and surveys the casino game. This is a rather silent matter, because he only talks if there are disagreements or mistakes in the casino game.

He has the task, as "outsider" the game and all actions neutral and quick to judge. In American roulette, only two croupiers usually operate. One who runs the casino game and one who monitors the casino game. The casino game banks have different rotation systems at the tables to ensure that the attention of the employees does not suffer and manipulation can be ruled out. Table croupiers are usually more experienced colleagues, with the different positions being interchanged. In addition to roulette, the card casino game Blackjack also belongs to the standard. The croupier is here the bankholder. He mixes and issues the cards, and he is responsible for stakes and payouts. In the course of a career, traders will also learn how to play other casino games such as poker or baccarat. With the growing success of the automated casino games, the task area for employees of the big casino game in some casino game banks has also expanded to the machine casino games.

What a croupier must be able to do a croupier should bring mainly two things: serious occurrence and a hand for numbers. A well-maintained exterior is an absolute standard. Suit and fly are the work clothes of a croupier. Even if he is in principle required restraint and a certain secrecy, he should practice in good manners and etiquette. Even if the splendor of ancient times no longer shines quite so bright, courtesy and an anticipated attitude towards the guests is still compulsory. A bigger conversation with the casino players is forbidden, also colleagues do not address their guests by name. The art is to maintain anonymity and professionalism, but at the same time to ensure a pleasant atmosphere at the tables.

A croupier is able to deal with all the mental conditions of his casino players and to manage the ups and downs of a casino game night. What do you do when a casino player tries to manipulate the casino game secretly? How do you deal with casino players who have gambled away the house and the court and are desperate to hit the chips? In short, it is a feeling of a fingertip when dealing with guests. In addition, the handiness in the handling of chips and cards. The hand movements must be elegant and flowing. The stacking of the chips and the card mixing must be carried out in every new turn. Sometimes it takes years for the perfect turn at the boiler or the flawless handle at the Rateau, one of the complicated "tools" of a croupier.

The technology has given us a lot of tasks, who is still counting on us today? You pull your smartphone and get results in seconds. Calculating has remained the job of the croupier, head calculus belongs to work day. When collecting the tokens, he counts - without, of course, noticing - profit sums in his head, which he immediately repays elegantly. A small mistake is enough to lose authority at the table. Working hours and payment. The working hours are more for nightingales, as is the case in other entertainment sectors. There are, of course, layer systems, but those who want to work in a casino game bank have to adjust permanently to nocturnal working hours, usually until four in the morning.

The payment of the employees at the table is still a special feature. They are paid out of the "Tronc". This is the money that the casino players leave to the employees as a tip. The more successful the casino game, the more generous the casino players. Of course, the employees have a certain basic salary. If the tronc exceeds the sum of the basic salaries, the surplus is paid out. That is, a croupier usually has a varying monthly income. The beginner's salary appears with about 1500 €, later 3000 € to 5000 € are possible. If, however, the casino players are not generous, the croupier has no extra cent in his pocket, basically similar to service staff in the catering industry whose salaries are extremely dependent on the decisions of the guests.