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Prospects for casino roulette pros and co even if you have a lot of opportunities to find a job right after the apprenticeship, the profession of the croupier is not one of the future models of modern work. The biggest problem is the quite clear labor market. On the one hand many casino gamblers are fighting for their existence and complain for years of a decline in the number of players. On the other hand, one is bound to the special sector with the training as a professional employee in the gambling casino game. There are no workplaces outside of casino game banks. As an accountant or security officer, you have a range of other possible jobs. If you have to close your own casino, you have to find it as a croupier unequally heavier a new place in the saturated market.

Meanwhile, the casino game banks are making a bigger deal with the machines than with the big casino game, which is also more personal-intensive. For example, of the 70 employees of the casino in Kassel are just 15 so-called casino game technicians like roulette. 40 Euro leaves a guest in Kassel on average at the table, a rather lean amount. Such guests bring correspondingly little tip. An activity as a croupier has become a popular student job. To fill the small gaps, students are welcome workers in the casino game banks. Once job advertisements appear on the websites of the casinos, it is usually invitations addressed to students. Four-week courses for the training of the poker dealer are popular entry points, in order to be allowed to fly the cards as student assistants. The salary is 10 € to 13 € for a temporary job not bad, but he is also much more stressful than mathematics tutoring to give.

Whoever decides for the profession of the croupier must bring a large relocation. Mobility is a prerequisite, since it is quite probable that after training, for example, a job can be found in another city or abroad, where the market is somewhat more open. Working in play halls, jobs in the automatic casino games have the reputation of a rather poorly paid extractive activity, which is limited to beverage issue and currency exchange. Apart from this more or less gastronomic activity, there are now a number of interesting alternatives. The slot machine business is booming, both in traditional casino game banks and in private playhouses. The number of employees in casinos is 70,000, the majority of which are female employees.

Since 2008, there are two new apprenticeships in the industry: the "specialist for strongAutomatenservice" and the "Automatenfachmann".The former is an apprenticeship for a period of two years, the specialist is obtained after three years. Of course, the training does not exclusively relate to machines, but the main turnover of the industry is made with the approx. 250,000 entertainment machines, and they want to be set up, emptied and maintained. One learns not only to connect or repair such machines, but also to carry out professional customer discussions and advice to operators of restaurants and play halls. Anyone who has the third year of apprenticeship can specialize in marketing, human resources or technical business processes.

There are now nine vocational schools in casino gambling that offer this rather exotic specialty. An education can also be started in the big chains of slot machines - like Merkur gauselmann AG or spielstation schmidt group. Those who are interested in technology and who are enthusiastic about machines have the advantage of not only being limited to the casino game machines. The world is full of vending machines, from ticket machines to parking ticket machines. Thus, despite the rather exceptional training traineeship, you have good chances for a safe job. At the crowning end, the management of their own casino game stamp is waving. Training in the machine business, in principle, the same applies to working in gaming halls: one should have fun with the players' clientele and also a good head calculator: the calculation should go "faster" from the hand "than with the average citizen. With the dignified ambience of a casino, not all casino gambling dens can compete, so the workplace is less glamorous. Statutory provisions must nevertheless be strictly adhered to, youth and casino gambling protection - as in gambling casino banks - are important. Operating a gambling casino hall is nowadays not so easy. New editions hinder the search for a suitable rental property, and the verification of personal suitability for running a casino game paradise has become more severe.

Even though the laws and restrictions for gaming and automaton casino games can change constantly and thus have an effect on the market, the sector still appears to be stable. More than that, it grows every year and with it the number of employees. The associations and companies do well the advertising drum on training fairs and internet forums, a career in the machine business has at least potential from an economical point of view. Jobs around online casinos hardly any industry has experienced such an explosion in the last decade as the casinos on the World Wide Web. The market is billions of dollars and therefore a lot of entrepreneurs try their luck in the on-line casino game. However, not as a player but as an operator of a casino website.

Professions in and around the digital casinos have mainly to do with computers. From the casino game developer to the web designer, all IT professions can be connected to the casino game in the net. You can apply with the relevant casino software companies. The most important thing is, of course, to ensure the faultless process, bugs have to be eliminated and processes have to be optimized. Another important element is customer service. A company that is difficult to reach is not very serious. Operators are looking for employees for costumer support, which should be reached 24 hours a day: chatting sessions, answering questions and complaining complaints belong among other things to the tasks. A well-functioning customer service reduces the skepticism that casino gamers have when they invest money online.