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Blackjack Winning Tips

Blackjack is the Casinos variant of "Seventeen and Four", one of the most popular and famous card games in the world. It is very entertaining and easy to learn. In the classic form of the blackjack game, six card packs are played, with a package of 52 playing cards. The Blackjack game rules in an online casino essentially do not really differ from the rules, which also apply to the real blackjack tables. If you want to play blackjack online, you should familiarize yourself with the basic Blackjack rules and the gameplay. For this reason we have in the following section the online blackjack rules in detail for you. Furthermore, we have provided an overview of the best blackjack casino sites for you.

In this review, however, we recommend only online casinos that we have already tested on "Heart and Kidney". We would like to dissociate ourselves from the untrustworthy Online Blackjack offers and / or casino providers , because we from Best Online Casino here mainly the result from our own experiences to the online players. Like many other casinos, we have also made some attempts to increase the chances of winning online blackjack . Of course there was a lot of advice that every Blackjack player can do without. But there are actually good blackjack strategies , with which one can be quite successful. However, in connection with this, it is also very important to know: "When do you double with a soft hand?" Or "When is it worth a couple to split?" - about all this and more you can get in our Blackjack Strategy area. Take advantage of our blackjack strategies with tips and tricks for freeto increase your chances of winning online at Blackjack.

The basic idea in blackjack is to achieve more points than the bank with your own cards. However, it is important that you do not buy over. Each card in the deck represents a certain point value. In the following, we will take a closer look at the respective values ??of the cards and the gameplay at Online Blackjack. The values ??of the respective cards, the aces count either 1 point or 11 points, depending on the player's preference. Pictures (Jack, Lady and King) have a value of 10 points each. All other cards count their respective printed score points. Game play before the start of each round, the player places his bet on the designated fields. The respective limits on the blackjack tables in the casino must be observed.

After all bets have been made, the dealer divides two open cards from each casino player. The bank also receives two cards. If only one card is revealed, the other card remains hidden for the Blackjack player. The player has several options after receiving the first two cards. Versicherung if the bank's open card is an Ace, it is possible to take out insurance. If this is the case, the players can place an appropriate bet on the insurance line. If the second card turns out to be a ten or a picture card, the insurance is paid out in a 2: 1 ratio to all insured players. In the event that the bank has no blackjack, the player loses his insurance sum. The insurance for a blackjack's blackjack represents a side bet that you should only complete when you count cards. It is also not necessary to use an insurance if you have a blackjack on your own.

Double (double) If the first two cards together make 9, 10 or 11 points, the player is free to double his bet. In the case of a doubling, however, the player receives only one more card. Splitting a hand with two equal cards (two nines or queen and king) can be split. After splitting you play two hands, your initial bet is doubled accordingly. For each hand you are free to get as many cards as you want. The only exception are two split aces. Here you get only one additional card on each ace. If the player with the first two cards has reached 9.10 or 11 points, he can double his bet. Should buy the card you can buy as many cards as you like. You only have to make sure that you do not buy over, ie you must not have more than 21 points in your hand. In the following, we will clarify a few basic concepts. Hardhand this is a hand on which you hold an Ace that counts only one point, otherwise you would exceed the 21 point limit.

You hold a 9, 6 and a 3. They have a hard 18. If you hold an ace, a 6 and a 7, you have a hard 14. Soft hand this is a hand on which you hold an Ace that has a score of 11. Example: You have an Ace and an 8 on your hand. So you have a soft 19. How you buy cards or not is depending on whether you hold a hard hand or a soft hand. This gives you a big margin to measure your bets. For the individual players' tables , your bets range between € 1 and € 300, Here, too, you have a game to the top, if you want to compensate any losses that may occur. The multiplayer tables are generally well visited and therefore offer a high degree of enjoyment. It always offers to play the download version of the casino .

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world of online casinos. Many know it from the television, because even several films have already been filmed on the magical 21 . Hardly a casino game gives such a high nerve kitzel or so indescribable play. The magical moment when the dealer gives the cards makes the heart of every blackjack player beat faster. Important decisions, such as taking a card or my hand is already strong enough, must be taken. In the end, however, it all comes down to beating the bank and making a profitable profit. Any Casinobet driveroffers blackjack in his house and of course wants to lure the majority of the players to his side. With the large number of on-line casinos in the net, however, it is difficult to keep an overview. Many lure with good welcome bonuses . We have made it our mission to bring you the best online blackjack casinos a little closer.

Below you will find a brief overview of the best blackjack casino providers. The Casino has been in 2002 founded and counts currently the best that the online casino market has to offer. This online casino is characterized by first class graphics and a casino ambiente, which is looking for its like. The Blackjack offer is however decisive for us . During our Casinotest , we have taken our fortune in the numerous variants of the Blackjack easy into their own hands and can thus report in detail about the possibilities offered to the player at Casino. At the Casino you can play with Blackjack , Blackjack Surrender , Blackjack Switch, 21 Duel Blackjack and Lucky Blackjack a variety of variants available. Furthermore you have the possibility to complete a singleplayer game or you take place at one of the multiplayer tables. For the multiplayer tables the table limits are between 1 € and 240 € .