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Why Slots Is So Popular

Medieval theme slots of software vendors wants to introduce some of these game machines. Nothing else is linked to this subject like the legend of King Arthur and the slot from the house Microgaming with the name Avalon, Avalon is the island on which the famous sword of Arthur, Excalibur, was forged and where he had recovered after the battle of Camlann. Avalon is the "wild" symbol at this slot and the lady of the lake the "Scatter" symbol. Both symbols are fantastically animated when a winning combination is reached and almost come to life. Other symbols on the reels include a crown, a goblet, a coat of arms, and high map symbols, depicted in medieval heraldic style. Avalon has a free spin bonus round and the hallmark of Microgaming slots, an integrated gamble.

The medieval slot from the smithy of Cryptologic has the name Quest of Kings. The Princess is the "wild" symbol, the Rose the "Scatter" and the Knight as a special symbol. If a knight appears at the same time on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, the winnings are paid first and the knight gallops to the "game" of the princess, which will provide even more gains. Quest of Kings also has a bonus game on a second screen. Players must choose three out of five towers to find the princess. If you succeed you get a bonus. If you're unlucky, you'll still get a consolation rate.

Slots with magical theme background from software vendors It was not until this week that the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was released. As a brand, Harry Potter is probably even bigger than "The Lord of the Rings" and there is, if only for the time being, the likelihood that this topic will appear as a slot in the near future. For this reason, fans who want to celebrate the launch of the new Harry Potter film have to make their bets at other magical, popular slots. Fortunately, there are already a variety of slots with a truly magical theme background from the largest online gambling software providers. This article will deal with the best of these slots.

The Magic Spell Online Slot from Microgaming resembles the Harry Potter story, as this slot also addresses the subject of a school for magic - for cats. The "Wild" symbol is Master Tom and the other high quality symbols are represented by his students Leo, Catrina and Baz. These students are very similar to the Harry Potter trio. Leo, like Harry, is fond of pranks. Catrina, like Hermione, is more interested in books than in boys. And Baz, like Ron, is clumsy when applying spells. Among the other symbols are an emblem, building, teacher, schoolbag, necktie, lamp, scroll and snacks.

The symbols are striking, colorful and full of energy. A background of the school bell can be heard in the background when the rollers turn straight. A few magical animation appear when Master Tom turns into a winning combination of his hours in rats. The other symbols are Hexenkessel, Kristallkugel, Zaubertränke, Cat, Totenkadel, Pumpkin, Zauberbuch, Broom and Witch Hat. The spell animations of the witch masters and the witch symbols are simply incredibly exciting. When the spell is spoken, the entire rollers are covered with frightening flashes.

The Witches and Warlocks feature is triggered by the simultaneous appearance of one or more hex symbols on the reels. The player must then decide either for the witch or the witch master, who fight each other in a deadly duel reciprocal with spells and magic traps. For each magic pot or spell, which has inflicted damage to the opponent, you will receive prizes accordingly. A life line of the participating opponents shows the still existing life energy. After the victory you get additional prices for the still remaining life energy. If you lose the deadly duel you still get a consolation price.

Online Slots Games can be divided into two categories - those with a progressive jackpot and those with which the value of the jackpot is fixed. Progressive Jackpot Slots increase its value with every bet the players make. With fixed jackpots, the payout is always constant. The largest, fixed payout is also called a fixed jackpot. Normally, you get this payout when you get it, which at the same time five "Wild" symbols appear on an active profit line. The payout at a fixed jackpot is usually 5,000 to 10,000 coins. However, there are also software providers who have developed gambling machines with fixed jackpots worth 40,000 coins or more. The value of a fixed jackpot can be found in the payout table of the slot in question.

Higher, fixed jackpot amounts are particularly suitable for players who like to take a high risk. Playtech, Cryptologic and Microgaming are among the software providers offering the most slots with fixed jackpots of 40,000 coins. Playtech offers a slot machine called Millionaire's Lane, which deals with the lifestyle of the super-rich. A hostess holding a pawn bundle in the hand acts as a "wild" symbol and the fixed jackpot has a value of 50,000 coins. One of the advantages of Millionaire's Lane is that this game also offers a progressive jackpot. Usually, progressive jackpot slots tend to offer a fixed jackpot with low value. At Millionaire's Lane, however, the progressive jackpot can not be won over the slot game itself, but in a separate bingo game in which you have to make a separate bet.