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Rules and strategies where do you start playing Keno, Do not know where to start with online Keno games ? No panic. Learn more about the basics of this fascinating game in our articles. With a little bit of attention, you will become a Keno pro! The Prejudices about Online Keno, It is obvious that good general knowledge is crucial. All the more so if you are interested in the Keno game of luck. Do you already know the origins of this game, which is one of the most popular German gambling games? Learn more about the myths of Keno and check out our list of the biggest mistakes in keno! Beginners like advanced players, it is hard to classify Keno in the range of the Casino. Is it a lottery game or a skill game? Is it more like the bingo or the lottery? In this article, we show you that the keno is a very own gambling game that can not be classified into any fixed categories.

Your first steps to online keno how should you play keno without knowing the rules? How can you win millions without knowing the rules of the game? Yes, this is "mission impossible!" But to make this mission possible, we have summarized the most important points for keno! This article is closely related to the article on the Keno gameplay. The rules are one thing, but the basic principles are different! Only if you manage to master both you will become an expert and can achieve great profits!

The advent of Keno on the Internet has been a real revolution for many players. This event, which has changed the way Keno plays forever, was received by the public largely positive. You need to know that the Keno on the Internet has a different approach: the social aspect plays a bigger role here. Who claimed that people are alienated from the Internet? The different types of keno if you are tired of the usual Keno games, then this is no cause for concern! We have prepared for you a list of more than 11 Keno variants, which are accessible exclusively online! We have tried these and can assure you that Keno is much more diverse than you might think! Visit our section about the various online Keno games! This game was invented some centuries before Christ's birth in ancient keno. Keno is therefore a lottery game with an ancient origin . Just like bingo and lotto, which are played all over the world, Keno has also undergone numerous changes before it became an online game as we know it today.

Even if you find a more detailed article on the rules for the keno and also the keno strategies , you should first look at these fundamentals. This information is a guideline for online keno party. Among the tips that we emphasize, the need to train your memory, to fixed numbers and never to select more than eight numbers. Finally, we will give you some solutions to help you avoid the casino's house edge. Keep the draws in mind in Keno there is the method of the so-called average rule . This allows the player to increase his winnings and relies on a good memory and a little logic. Because if you remember the numbers drawn during the last game, you can try to predict the next draw. In general, it can be stated that certain numbers are only rarely drawn with keno. Therefore, the player has a certain advantage to guess the right numbers, whether in a game or a tournament.

Bet on frequent numbers in doing so, the numbers that are the most common are set. On the Internet you will find statistics on numbers that are drawn regularly at Keno. In this way, the player can make long-term profits. The rule of successive numbers another strategy is to always tap consecutive numbers. For example, a 19 in front of a 20 or a 34 in front of a 35. While the players generally tend to choose different numbers, you should also ignore the option of two or three consecutive numbers. Select seven to eight digits the difficulty with keno is that it is risky to put on all the right numbers and then in the correct order. In Keno, it is virtually impossible to predict the results of the draws. For the best possible success, we recommend you use a small number of numbers. Seven to eight numbers are completely sufficient. Check the casino's house edge finally, you should play in online casinos , where the house advantage is particularly low.

For all your winnings, the casino raises a commission of 5% on average. In order to bring luck to your side, you should therefore avoid gambling casinos. The general opinion about online keno before you start playing in the online casinos, we would like to inform you about some prejudices in this Casino. Learn more about the history of this game, about the myths and the kills of keno. You will understand how this game has managed to emerge from the shadow of the lottery to shine in its true light. You will see that you will change your attitude towards Keno when you take a look at the numerous winning opportunities offered by this lottery game.

The legends and myths of online keno if you are looking for additional information about online keno or traditional keno, then you are here with us just right. We have tracked the origins of this lottery game to tell you the story of keno. From its ancient origins to its online lifting, you will become a Keno expert! We also inform you about the different myths and the popular mistakes of keno . In the course of our research, we were really surprised by the legends about Keno, who were hovering around the net. We want to bring light into this world of lies and we are sure that you too will be happy to finally learn the truth! Accept the right attitude on online keno since some of you still compare keno with lottery , we would like to briefly explain to you the difference between these two games! You will see that both are worth it.

Are you ready to enter the world of online keno ? , As you can see, keno has everything in mind. You will not find many sites with tips to win at keno. However, to make a real difference in your game, you only have to discard your prejudices about the game itself. We'll show you how. You just have to follow our example and adapt it to your game to make real progress in winning online Keno games. Your first steps in online Keno games we have already told you that we will not leave you alone in your first steps into the world of online Keno. We keep our promise and prepare you from A to Z for the numerous winnings in online casinos that are possible with Keno games. Let's start with the basic rules of online keno. For those who do not already know the online Keno terms, we have also created a table of the most important vocabulary.