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Tips Of Online Poker Game

Poker is not a single game, but includes a variety of different variants and forms. To get an overview, you can divide the field into ring game and tournament game. In this article we present all the usual tournament types, which are available in poker stars poker room . If you have any questions, please check out our forum or check out the detailed information in the poker stars tournament lounge. Tournament pokers - a brief overview anyone who has read the article on the development of poker will know that there have been tournament pokers only since the beginning of the seventies. The idea came from puggy pearson. Instead of buying chips in a 'cash game', you pay a fixed sum for tournament chips.

To ensure that players do not play too long, the blinds are increased continuously. Anyone who has lost his chips must leave the tournament in almost all cases. The advantages of tournament pokers are obvious. With very little money - or even completely free - you can play for very large prize money. In addition, one often has hours of fun. Here, however, directly comes a huge disadvantage of poker tournaments to the front. If you want to play a tournament, you have to take your time. The big online poker tournaments, the so-called majors, are often played over many hours, live majors even several days.

These tournaments are especially suitable for beginners. While there is no fixed playing time, the duration is nevertheless limited. For example, a no-limit hold'em sit-and-go with 9 players in turbo format will take between 32 and 48 minutes. Another advantage of sit-and-gos is that you can quickly learn the different tournament phases or the independent chip model. There is a large selection of sit-and-gos. So there are stts with two to nine players and mtts with twelve to 90 players. For beginners there are still sit-and-gos with 360 and 990 players. Here the buy-ins are at a moderate $ 0.10 and $ 0.02. Members of intellipoker can win tickets at scratch & match and even play for free! Spin-and-go - mega-pacing and fast-paced action these tournaments are particularly popular because you can win up to $ 1,000,000 .

Technically, it is sit-and-gos with three players in hyper-turbo format - so very fast. The twist, however, is that the prize money pot is triggered at every game and you play up to 10,000 times the buy-in. Beat the clock - long live the big stack at poker stars beat the clock, you can experience rapid tournament action in just 5 minutes. In the tournament, you simply choose a buy-in level and you're ready to go. After the end of the tournament clock, it is finished. The remaining players share the prize money pot. But watch out who has more chips, he also gets a higher prize money.

Fifty50 - action and endurance this format is only available for sit-and-gos with ten players. This is where the tournament ends when half of the players are eliminated. The remaining five players share the prize money, and you get more money for a bigger stack. All variants and formats of tournament pokers in the overview before we look at all the tournament formats in detail, a short comment on the formality. For the sake of simplicity, we assume that texas hold'em poker is played in examples . But of course there are tournaments in other variants. For example, in a stud poker tournament, the limits increase as you play without blinds. Note that beginners should be restricted to traditional freezeouts, which are the majority of tournaments. With every tournament format and structure the game tactics change.

Factors such as the leveling time also have an impact on the variance, which can be seen in tournament management. Freezeout - classic tournament pokers a freeze-out tournament is what most players will see in a tournament. Each player starts with a certain number of chips, the blinds are increased at certain intervals. Anyone who has lost his stack must clear his place. So the players are leaving the game. Whoever has all chips in the end is the winner. Freeroll - not just for beginners a pleasure a freeroll is a free tournament where you can win prizes, money or a place in another tournament. Freerolls are either accessible to all players or are 'protected' by a password or a tournament ticket, so only selected players can participate. Intellipoker always offers exclusive actions and freerolls. Freebuy - the successful alternative to rebuy a freebuy is a tournament that you enter for free. However, if you lose your chips, you have the possibility to buy again for money in the so-called rebuy phase (for further information, see below). Satellites - moneymaker sends greetings at these tournaments you play for a place in an event for which you do not want to buy directly. The most famous example is chris moneymaker, who qualified on poker stars on a $ 82 satellite for the legendary $ 10,000 main event at the unofficial poker world championships in the us, where he won $ 2.5 million in the win. On poker stars, satellites are running around the clock to live events or online majors.

In so-called sub-satellites you play for even less money for a place in the satellite. At selected tournaments on poker stars, you can directly see the satellites and call them up in the tournament. Bounty tournaments - head hunting at the poker table in the case of so-called knockout tournaments, each player is fined a cash prize. If a player takes an opponent from the table, he receives this bonus, regardless of whether he ends up in the tournament in the money or exits beforehand. The bounty bonus is deducted from the buy-in, the rest flows into the prize money pot. Progressive knockout tournaments - and the headlines are growing while in a regular knockout tournament the same bonus is awarded to each player, progressive knockout tournaments increase this bonus when players take other players off the table. In the following example a little is expected, but do not worry. At the tables of poker stars the bounties are displayed in the tournament.